Commissioning a work

Some works displayed in this web site are for sale. The gallery will be updated from time to time to show new works.

Portraits, Still Life’s, Landscapes
All commissions are carefully thought out and based on a collaboration between Michael and the client. The final delivery of the work is always subject to the approval of the client. Possibilities for non-portrait commissions include a meaningful landscape view, a home portrait; or a still life consisting of family heirlooms. Most work of this kind will be done from life or plein air studies (on site) in combination with photo reference material. Most commissioned works can be delivered in 1 to 4 months depending on complexities of composition and other variables. Works will be framed, ready for hanging.

Giclee Reproductions
Reproductions of original works are available for many non-commissioned works, usually available between $100 and $400 depending on size. Giclee Reproductions are created using state of the art techniques which produce an image remarkable in its definition, color saturation, and tone. This is considered by many to be among the best reproduction technique for artwork available. Reproductions can often be custom printed to specified dimensions either larger, smaller or same size as the original.

Please contact via email or call if you would like more information regarding reproductions of any works. Phone 207-783-0242

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