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A work in progress

A work in progress from conception to framing.  Join me in the studio as this painting is developed and I strive to push it toward the aesthetic I envision.  Discover painting insights along the way and how a major change was made about half way through....

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Growing as a Painter

Growing as a painter Over the years, an artist will discuss and hear many views about how one approaches art, technique, materials, subject matter, etc…. In the process of producing an original work, an artist will have their own unique way of putting all...

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What’s new on the Easel

A work in progress.  This is taken from a photo reference I took a few years ago.  With all my home classes, I always try to gear at least one class to taking photo references which can be used for a portrait.  It gives everyone a chance to use a camera to...

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Painting with confidence

Painting with confidence - it’s just paint I’ve had the great pleasure of tutoring many aspiring representational painters over the years, and one thing that is very common with new painters is a tentative attitude when it comes to applying paint – more...

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Brush Butler Launched

The days of the artists' brush washing jars are over - The Brush Butler is finally here!  It's been 1 1/2 years since the idea for the Brush Butler first took hold.  Now I'm happy to say the Brush Butler is available and I've begun shipping out...

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Brush Butler

I'm happy to have designed this new product but nothing happens in a vacuum!  I've been very fortunate to have found excellent help and advice to move this project forward.   Read on as I explain.   It's been quite a journey over the past year...

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Artists Open Studio Tour 2015

Second annual Open Artist Studio Tour is set for Saturday October 17.  Be sure to stop in for a visit!  This year, the tour features 16 artists who have also opened their studios -me included.  Take a drive, take in some foliage, and visit the...

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Movie – “Tim’s Vermeer”

If you are an artist, or one who appreciates art, you will likely find this movie interesting. It's available in DVD and Blue Ray and can be easily located with a search. The movie is made by Penn Jillette (from the famed Penn and Teller).  One...

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New Exhibit At Lyceum Gallery

Coming on September 19, I will be participating in a new exhibit at Lyceum Gallery, "Embracing Beauty and Mastery", where I will have ten new paintings on view.  Please come by for the opening on the 19th from 5-7.   For more information about...

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