News – Winter 2013-14

This time of year is mostly studio time.  Don’t get me wrong – winter in Maine is great.  If you’ve not ever experienced northern New England weather in winter – your missing out on a “character enhancing experience”.  There’s a saying in Maine:  if you can’t stand the winter, you don’t deserve the summer ‘.  OK, many Mainer’s would like nothing more than be in Florida this time of year, and many do go.  Our population is roughly half in winter what it is in summer (tourists gone, and Maine residents off to warmer locales).  But hey – we do have more parking available.  When it’s 5 below and the wind is howling, a closer parking spot at the Supermarket is to be celebrated!

So with my work, currently painting time is spent completing new still life paintings, working on a commission, and slowly advancing a sport themed multi-figurative field hockey work.  Eventually there will be an outdoor winter plein air session or two, but for now it’s all studio.

Currently there are available new works on view at Lyceum Gallery in Lewiston, ME,  and at Design Center Gallery in Boston, MA.


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