Recent Work – January 2014

Most recent work is a large scale still life (31″x38″).  Often when composing a new set up, I go through several variations -moving objects around  before starting to paint.  This can take up to several days before settling on the actual setup.  With this new setup, it was settled on the first try.  I admit this is rare, and only happened one other time (Antique Trunks, painting) that I can remember with a complex setup.  That last one, like this current one – are both, I think somewhat special.  If only because it is so unusual for me to hit a unified arrangement right off the bat, but also because I think they both represent my work running “on all cylinders”.

Ok, so my work is definitely evolving.  At this point in my career I don’t have to concern myself with the drawing (or draftsmanship) so much.  That part of it mostly comes without consciously thinking about it.   This frees me up to release creativity that may not otherwise surface if I had to constantly think about getting the drawing right.  (Ahhhh –   which is why so many of todays top representational artists will tell you it all starts with good drawing!  Many top artists will espouse to those learning to paint – draw, draw, draw!  There are no techniques, no methods, nothing, that will if followed get the drawing right for the painter – good drawing is in and of itself, separate from any methodology).

For some time now, I’ve naturally progressed into painting in a more direct way – with more impasto and texture.  A recent painting was completed in this way – in addition to being purposefully scraped and sanded at various times during it’s progress.   As I said, I don’t worry about the drawing – if I lose a line, whatever, I know I can get it back easily (If needed).  It’s only paint(!).  For this new painting, I have one session completed so far.  A limited palette smooth version of the setup.  Looking forward to the next session as I begin to add texture and fine tune the composition.  I intend to scrape and sand this one at various times during the painting progress as well – and have a very definite idea of where I’m going with it, and when arrived the painting will be declared finished.


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